Charity projects of the S.O.S. Humanitarian Association

CHARITY-SOS.COM a social project in order to help the children, the homeless persons, the and sick ones and the old

Our projects aim at the health of children, adults and elderly people


Our projects have as goal the state of health of the children, adults and elderly people, the civic education, responsibility, as well as the opening of work points/offices in the poorest countries in the world.

The philanthropic and charitable Association S.O.S. Umanitar is going to briefly present its projects:

1. The establishment of headquarters and work points/offices in the world's poorest countries

In order to know the real needs of a particular country, it is necessary, first of all, to have direct contact with the population in that respective area.

For starters, our headquarters is situated in Romania, one of the poorest countries in the world, but we have as project the opening of new headquarters and work places in other poor countries , such as: Haiti, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic Congo, Swaziland, Eritrea, Madagascar, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe.

According to the International Monetary Fund statistics, these countries would be among the poorest countries in the world.

2. Health status and children's development:

We support the children from disadvantaged families, talented children whose family cannot provide a real support, children who are victims of domestic violence, children who suffer from diseases requiring more complex treatment such as: leukemia, malaria, tuberculosis, tropical diseases or other mental illnesses, as well as children with disabilities or malformations.

3. Children's education and integration into the social environment

We support/help any child who comes from disadvantaged families, regardless of the field where he/she would like to work. For example, we can list a number of activities, such as: football or practising other sports, IT field, shipbuilding and aviation field or research activities.

In the countries targeted by us, which are also the poorest in the world, the courses are not free or are only partially free and many children from disadvantaged families, but with real talent and desire, cannot attend these courses and cannot achieve their dreams.

4. The social and professional reintegration of people with disabilities and for those with malformations

No one wants to get into the situation of a disabled person. Whether it is from birth or it was acquired throughout life, as a result of an accident, the society must be tolerant of these cases and actually support them.

5. Supporting the Family, Stopping the Violence

We support the unity of the family, its integration, but we are also concerned the families where it exists domestic violence. We know that there are many cases of domestic violence, where the family members are aggrieved and cannot leave their home because their income is insufficient or threaten to them are given by the other family members; for example, if they leave home and fail to integrate socially, they will not be received back to the common home.

More serious is the case when the domestic violence is persistent and has children as victims, this coming from a parent who consumes or drinks alcohol daily. In our work and activity, we have also encountered such cases, and many times we could not intervene efficiently, since we have not witnessed the manifestations of violence upon the child.

6. The establishment of a hosting centre for the street people and of a canteen for delivering warm food or different types of food.

For this project, there are enough such cases also in the country, where we have our headquarters for the time being; but our intention is to set up such centers also in other poor countries of the world, such as: Haiti, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Swaziland, Eritrea, Madagascar, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe.

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