FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What are the administrative expenses of the Association and what causes do you sustain/ support?

CHARITY-SOS.COM - We are a transparent organization and we present you statements and financial data drawn up by authorized accountants, we also support the children's education and their health

Answers/ Responses regarding the administrative expenses of the Association

Frequently Asked Questions about S.O.S. Umanitar Association

Answers/ Responses regarding the administrative expenses of the Association and the causes that benefit from the support of S.O.S. Umanitar Association.

The Association S.O.S. Umanitar informs you that the advertisements that you've clicked on and that you've reached our site are displayed free of charge through the Google AdGrants program, a program of Google, that offers the associations a free monthly advertising budget.

We must inform you that there are also administrative payments, related to the management of online advertising campaigns, which are made by a specialized company. The costs are reasonable and negotiated by the Association's President.

Yes, of course there are other administrative expenses, and for a detailed list of them please do send an email to

In addition to the role of a charitable, philanthropic and humanitarian organization, we are also a transparent organization, by providing each applicant with data about us. With regard to financial data, we would like to inform you that these are compulsorily prepared by an authorized accountant. Afterwards, they are submitted/filed to the State Institutions, which perform the financial control, for verification.

Charity-Sos.COM is the presentation site of the Association S.O.S. Umanitar.

The Association S.O.S. Umanitar is a legal person and represents an initiative that wishes through its charitable work to change for the better existence of many persons found in various social difficulties from many poor countries, such as: Haiti, the Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Swaziland, Eritrea, Madagascar, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe, as well as Romania.

The charity projects of the association are adapted to the individual needs of each person and of each child, and are not conditioned by ethnic origin or religion.

The main projects relate to the following aspects:

1. The state of health of the person and his/her social and material condition: we support the disabled persons, children and adults with malformations, leukemia, pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV, tropical diseases and other serious health problems for which there is an adequate treatment.

2. The person’s education: we mainly support the children who come from very poor families, who cannot afford to maintain a child at school or talented children whose family cannot provide conditions for their skills development.

3. Special social conditions: we support persons found in social risk, as a result of some disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods.

4. Civic education: through various advertising materials or online, we want to address to citizens from all over the world to respect our causes, as well as to persons of another nationality, religion or ethnic origin.

We recommend that the citizens from the developed countries of the world should support the other citizens and children from the less developed or poor countries, in order to live in full harmony.

Besides the humanitarian charity aspect and philanthropic association, we are also an association that urges the world towards tolerance and mutual respect.

Checking your donation is done by the most popular donation service from the world and also the most reliable one, in a word, PAYPAL. This site is As soon as the Donate button is clicked on, on the Charity-Sos.COM site, it can be noticed that the following occur:

The Association SOS Umanitar

Purpose: Supporting children with malformations, street children, foster children, gifted children, elderly sufferers.

Paypal has checked both the account of the association, in which the visitors make donations, as well as the cases tracked by S.O.S. Umanitar Association.

PAYPAL checks the entire process of accessing and using this service through a human operator, including for the Internet donations. As a sign of gratitude for the activity of S.O.S. Umanitar Association, PAYPAL has paid into its bank account a sum that also contains a verification CODE, which is introduced/entered on the PAYPAL website. As a result of this action, as well as of other additional verifications/checkings, PAYPAL decided to approve the donation account towards the S.O.S. Umanitar Association.

The bank account of S.O.S. Umanitar Association is the one posted or displayed on the site:

RO16 BACX 0000 0013 7379 9001 opened at Unicredit Bank Galati, Romania.Swift CODE BACX ROBU, affiliated to Unicredit Bank Romania.

Also, when you make a donation through the bank, it is necessary to fill in the Details section of the Bank Payment Order, attesting the fact that the Amount represents a donation; at the same time, it must be also mentioned Swift CODE BACX ROBU, affiliated to Unicredit Bank Romania.

On the site, there is a page that contains information on how you can support the causes and cases of the S.O.S. Umanitar Association.
You can help by providing the following:

- donations, both online via the PAYPAL service, as well as through the bank account;

- promoting our site on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; there is a promotion button on each page;

- those who own a website are asked to post a link towards our site;

- publishing advertisements on any advertisements site from your country about our Association, S.O.S.Umanitar, by displaying or showing our site in your announcement You have our agreement in this respect and thus you contribute to supporting our causes.

- Make leaflets and posters on your computer by taking information from our site or ask a qualified person to help and distribute them to your area. We agree to this action and thus you can contribute to supporting our causes.

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