Donate for: the abused children, the children from the street, the elderly and the poor persons

We monitor and help the social cases: the maltreated children, the children with autism, the people from the street, the elderly, the children who beg, the poor people and those in foster care centers

S.O.S. Umanitar Association invite you to donate for a better life

We invite you to Donate


We are glad that you are on the donation page of the S.O.S. Humanitarian Association.

We are a non-profit and uncompromising organization. Your support or donation helps us move on in our work /activity and fulfil the mission for which we have been legally founded, namely: helping the orphaned children, the children from orphanages, those with malformations and disabilities, helping the elderly or sick persons, helping those in special situations as a result of the floods, earthquakes or fires.

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S.O.S. Humanitarian thanks you!

Every person who has a suffering or suffers from a special illness needs our unconditional support, to the extent of each person's financial possibilities.

So that the world should live in full harmony, it is necessary that the citizens from the developed countries, or the persons/people with financial or higher possibilities to support the citizens from the less developed or poor countries and the cases of children and homeless people, the elderly persons without shelter, the children with autism and disabilities, as well as the persons or children affected by earthquakes, floods, fires.

On the other pages of our website (About Us, How We Can Help or Projects) you can read in detail about the causes sustained by the S.O.S. Humanitarian Association.

Concretely, S.O.S. Humanitarian Association is going to use the donations received for the following:

- monitoring the cases of the abused children and monitoring the children from the street begging. We are going to follow or survey all the reasons/causes for which the children are on the street begging and how we can help them, by cooperating with the child's family if they want to collaborate with the Association. The collaboration with the child's family who begs on the streets will take place if the children are not forcibly sent to the streets by their parents to beg or are not abused by their parents and other persons to be determined to beg. Wherever we have evidence of frequently maltreated children in order to be determined to beg or commit other delinquent activities, we will inform the public authorities.

-monitoring the cases of the elderly persons and the poor and homeless, helping them with food and medicines as well as qualification courses for those who have the ability to work.

- psychological counselling (in some cases) for the homeless persons in order to reintegrate into society, the increase of self-confidence as well as their professional development.

- monitoring and supporting the children found in placement centres and of the elderly persons from nursing homes/asylums. Visiting them during the weekends and on holidays.

- Setting up/ the establishment of a center for the social cases above-mentioned, as well as in case of earthquakes, floods or fires in which to offer accommodation, food, material and moral support, as well as an office with the same purpose

- searching for volunteers for our causes. This action will be accomplished by publishing advertisements paid in the local newspapers from Romania, for the beginning, where the Association's headquarters is located. Those from other countries other than Romania who want to be volunteers for the Association are asked to contact the Association at the Contact page.

- various administrative payments such as: the creation of advertising materials, flyers and announcements or administration of the presentation site by a specialized company, the administration of advertising campaigns, the payment of the association's accounting and some employees. The payments to Authorized Translators for translating our website in English and French languages.

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