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This is a project of the Philanthropic and Charity Association “S.O.S. Umanitar”

About Us

The Philanthropic Association “S.O.S. Umanitar”, is a non-governmental organization for humanitarian and charitable purposes. Our project addresses to all the persons, regardless of their political, ethnic, geographical or religious affiliation.

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The objectives of the Association S.O.S. Umanitar are the following:

Identification and assistance of sick and malformed children, homeless children, foster care children, identification and assistance of children illtreated by parents or physically and/or psychically abused, misfit and disabled children, helpless elders; assistance of families in need, of the elderly and other persons requiring help.

Fundraisers for malformed children, disabled people, helpless elderly etc

Care of elderly and provision of food and medicine at their home

Establishment of an office for providing counselling and assistance services to those at a loss


A charitable Association NGO with noble purposes

Help children with malformations and serious diseases

Help children with malformations and serious diseases

Help children from poor families

Help children from poor families

Support adults / children with disabilities

Support adults / children with disabilities

Support people who suffer from earthquakes, fire, floods

Support people who suffer from earthquakes, fire, floods

Where do we help?

In order to help the persons and children from the listed social categories, we are mainly concerned with the poorest countries in the world, such as: Haiti, the Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Swaziland, Eritrea, Madagascar, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe, as well as Romania.

In accordance with the International Monetary Fund statistics, they are among the poorest countries in the world.

Also, the headquarters of the Charity Association S.O.S. Umanitar is in a poor country, respectively in Romania, as you can notice from the address displayed on our website, which helps us to better understand the real necessities of the persons and children found in difficulty in this country and to offer the required or necessary help / support.

The poverty rate or degree of the persons from these countries determines:
  • the occurrence of some diseases;
  • the emergence of some family conflicts;
  • the lack of the parents' possibility to help their children in order to attend a school or the necessary courses for their social integration;

The civic education outlined or mentioned in our principles urges the citizens from the developed countries ofthe world to support the other citizens and children from the less developed and poor countries, in order to live in full harmony.

Please support our activity and make a donation by visiting our website charity-sos.com. You can choose to make monthly donations. By selecting the monthly donation button you support multiple social cases.

How can you help?

Help by donating an amount of money into the account of our S.O.S. Umanitar Association with no. RO16 BACX 0000 0013 7379 9001 opened at Unicredit Bank Galati, Romania. Swift CODE BACX ROBU

Our address: Asociatia S.O.S. UMANITAR str. Aleea Melodiei nr. 8, Bl. B8, Sc. 5, ap. 49, Cam.3 Galati,Romania, Fiscal Code No. 36840122 ; Swift CODE BACX ROBU

Also, when you make a donation through the bank, it is necessary to fill in the Details section of the Bank Payment Order, attesting the fact that the Amount represents a donation; at the same time, it must be also mentioned Swift CODE BACX ROBU, affiliated to Unicredit Bank Romania.

Ship to our address: Asociatia S.O.S. UMANITAR str. Aleea Melodiei nr. 8, Bl. B8, Sc. 5, ap. 49, Cam. 3, Galati, Romania, fiscal Code No. 36840122, parcels with humanitarian aids that will subsequently be redistributed.

With regard to the humanitarian actions currently carried out by the S.O.S. Humanitarian Association, we inform you that these are taking place in the city of Galati from Romania country, mainly with the help of the President of the Association Mister Visan Ionut-Sebastian.

The President of the Association carries out a clown activity (a character that shapes balloons for children) simultaneously with the activity carried out within the Association in the capacity of President.

The humanitarian activities consist of:

-supporting or helping the orphans and those with autism or disabilities from Galati municipality, Romania, place where we have our headquarters;

-supporting or helping the orphans and those with autism or disabilities from Galati municipality, Romania, place where we have our headquarters;

Orphaned children are helped with what they want, usually they want sweets like candy and chocolate, and juices such as Fanta, Cola or Sprite or other natural juices.

The orphaned children are helped with what they want, usually they want sweets such as candies and chocolate, as well as juices such as Fanta, Cola or Sprite or other natural juices.

The reason for which they want sweets is obvious that where they are housed at different orphanages for orphanage children, they are often not offered such sweet goods.

Some orphaned children still need a little financial help in order to relax at a children's playground, and others to participate in soccer or basketball match, each of them has different wishes or desires.

The discussions with the Association's President are frequent due to the fact that he is dressed up in a clown and shapes different models of balloons for children in the park.

Also the orphaned children as well as the other children with autism or disabled children are excited about the balloon models that the clown can make for them: kitten, puppy, bunny, butterfly, flower and many other different balloon models.

The parks where the orphaned children from Galati - Romania meet are the following: the Public Garden, the Viva Park, the Children's Town and the Cliff - a promenade place for people and children.

Our parks where we unfold our activity can be found by a simple search on Google, by mentioning that you should also mention the city of Galati, for example: the Public Garden of Galati and similar to the rest, if you do not find the complete information, please also specify the country, respectively Romania.

We offer you or put at your disposal some youtube interesting videos, made on the occasion of various events held or organized in these parks (by different entities and legal entities), or filming occasionally made by individuals in order to see the places where the activities are usually held by the President of our Association.

- Helping the elderly and the poor or sick people.

They are found in Galati on the main streets, either by asking for a little help or by singing from various instruments such as: accordion, musical or drum.

Apart from those on the street, there are also those who are at home and who do not expose their cause publicly or expose their cause to the Internet through various media channels and fundraising sites.

Of course that the sick and poor people are among the persons who visit the parks and in this way they get to know and meet the President of our association.

Those who have urgent needs, and request the help of the Association's President, are urgently helped.

Among those seeking the help of the Association's President are also the elderly and pensioners with small pensions who need a small financial difference to buy a drug or the drugs they need monthly, these being the most common cases of help for the elderly. Of course that there are other requests for help, but each person or old person who addressed the Association's President with a problem has not been left unattended.

With regard to medicines or drugs for the elderly, there is also help from the State, through the Health Insurance House, in the area in which we operate, help/ aid that does not entirely cover the cost of the medicine and there are many elderly people who cannot afford to buy their medicine monthly recommended or prescribed by the doctor.

The reasons for which a part of the elderly people in our area do not afford to pay the cost of medication consist of house maintenance costs and daily food expenses, and many of the elderly in our area have small pensions between 200 and 300 euro / usd monthly, which is very little for their monthly maintenance.

In conclusion, please do join the S.O.S. Association Humanitarian and the President of the Association in the activities carried out and the sustained causes!

The Clown Hero